Want to buy plants? The Potting Shed will be open every weekday.

We have always been known to sell easy-care landscaping plants at good prices in our Potting Shed.


We have a large variety available right now, from $2 on up. A particular favorite is the Crucifix Orchid (or walking orchid) – a heat and drought tolerant ground orchid with spectacular orange blooms. We have everything from bulbs to butterfly plants.


Come and check them out.

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There’s a rich turtle swimming in our pond.


Palma Sola Botanical Park Lake and Banana Trees

The pond in the front of the park, next to the potting shed and the banana trees, has a lot of  different kinds of turtles in it.


They like coming up to the edge of the pond to be fed bread and crackers and other such treats.


I found out at the Plant Sale today that there is a wealthy and privileged turtle living among them, who had a lifetime membership to the Park bought for him when he was released into the pond.

He is incognito and looks just like any ordinary turtle….except for the dark sunglasses he likes to wear on occasion.




Palma Sola Botanical Park 19th Annual Plant, Antique and Craft Sale


Come join us this coming Saturday, October 15th!  We have many interesting vendors participating at this event.  Some of them are:

Plant Sale November 2015 2

  1. our own Palma Sola Botanical Park with a Garden Relics Booth
  2. Mel’s Palma Sola Botanical Park Food Booth
  3. Sweet Treats Booth, on our deck, baked by our Friends and Volunteers.
  4. E-Z Care Plants for sale in our Potting Shed
  5. Handcrafted Boats from the  Maritime Museum, near our lake.
  6. Beluna Soap, has wonderful locally handmade soap.
  7. UGA Boy Plants
  8. ReStyled Living, Traci Larussa
  9. The Manatee County Extension Service of the Master Gardeners will be present.
  10. Mad Happenings– orchids/bromeliads/garden art
  11. Birgitte Runge-Goings jewelry
  12. Manatee County Parks & Natural Resources  Booth by Melissa Cain
  13. Randy’s Bromeliads & More, Inc.
  14. Manatee Mudders will be in the Screen Pavilion –Susan Swanson
  15. Eltings Exotics – orchids, etc.
  16. SunCoast BeeKeepers, Kevin Lausman, honey sales in the Galleria
  17. Rusty Gate Gardens
  18. Badger’s Eden: art fabrics, dolls, quilts
  19. Manatee Co. Mosquito Control  
  20. Manatee Rare Fruit Council, Michael Jaster.
  21. Manatee Orchid Society near the Gazebo, Julie McClure.
  22. Orchid Clinic/Orchid Program Manatee Orchid Society
  23. Florida SunCoast Orchids LLC
  24. Photography by Pam Kanarr
  25. Volunteers of America  
  26. Crowley Nursery Plants
  27. Brenda Alcorn Art      
  28. Big Earth Landscaping
  29. D & D Growers, Dennis Gretton with herbs  for sale.
  30. Kraut & Kimchi by Joy Bush  Galleria
  31. Funky Junk by Susan Huppert

The Gumbo Boogie Band will be playing from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Palma Sola Botanical Park will also have a raffle with cool donated prizes.

Free entry, and dogs on a leash are welcome.

Hurricane Matthew at Palma Sola Botanical Park


Our thoughts are with those on the Atlantic Coast dealing with Hurricane Matthew. We at the Park are blessed with very minimal effects. It’s cloudy and breezy with sprinkles of rain this Friday, as Jacob goes around preparing the Park for yet another wedding tomorrow.


He has created a beautiful secluded little bench area in front of the Baden building handicap ramp, and cleaned up most of the debris that the high winds scattered.


The silk floss trees are blooming, and the Park looks lovelier than ever.



Spotlight on our Volunteers


Anthony Walker R.N., a clinical nurse by profession, has spent  a large part of the last several days digging, trimming and weeding in Palma Sola Botanical Park’s succulent garden, and it shows.


Walker and Pat Lee were getting a last bit of yard work in on Sunday, as rain clouds gathered. Lee pointed out the Madagascar Palm in the top tier of the garden, now weed-free and splendid, and accompanied by a smaller specimen that Lee and Walker had found in the potting shed and transplanted next to the existing cactus. “This was the first cactus I ever owned”, she said.


” When I was a kid I always really liked cactus for some reason,” said Walker. “I always wanted to go out to the desert southwest and see Saguaro cactuses, so I started collecting little cactuses. Now here is my chance to make a beautiful cactus garden. I’m real happy to be here.”


Walker has trimmed back fast growing cactuses to showcase slower growing ones, and pulled containers full of weeds. The succulent garden has not looked this good in a long time. Come by and see it.


William Galvano’s 2016 Eagle Scout Project



A big thank you to those able to come out to William’s Eagle Project at Palma Sola Botanical Gardens. The osprey platform was constructed with the assistance of his uncles Gregg and Paul. Two gentlemen from FP&L delivered the over 30’ pole and prepared the site located on the southwestern end of the property near Geraldson’s Farm. After sawing off a little of the top of the  pole the platform was attached by bolts and screws along with two metal stabilizing rods. Following that, the guys from FP&L installed the pole in the ground.


The project looks good and the only thing left for William to do is to create an informational sign and install it, and a happy osprey couple to choose it to build their nest.
These are some great  IMAGES of the platform’s installation at the Park.

The Park like you never saw it before…

DroneVU Studios is a Tampa Bay Company that specializes in giving you an aerial view of your property and the surounding area, using a GoPro camera mounted on a drone.


Their drone did a flyover of Palma Sola Botanical Park, and the results are spectacular.


There is a page on their website where you can enjoy more pictures of Palma Sola Botanical Park.


Weddings at Palma Sola Botanical Park


Weddings are our thing! Over the years many happy couples have tied the knot at Palma Sola Botanical Park.



Borrowed and Blue has featured some of their pictures of two of those weddings.


Go to their page here, and click on “weddings“, and then “view this wedding” to enjoy their lovely pictures of these beautiful events and creative decorations!