The Mission of the Park

Gardening and horticulture bridge all ages, cultures and abilities.

Due to Manatee County’s wonderful climate, we can all enjoy our gardens and gardening here.

Palma Sola Botanical Park is the only “public garden” in the county. It is an interactive, hands-on place to go for the community as well as the many seasonal visitors, where other parks in Manatee County are recreation parks with playing fields.

The county as a dozen or so special interest horticultural groups. Many of these groups would like to have a “display” area or have special programs or events for their specialty, especially since many people in Manatee County live¬†in professionally landscaped condominium ¬†communities, or mobile home communities with tiny lots.

Most of our population has been transplanted, and their knowledge of subtropical/tropical horticulture is limited. The PSBP educational and volunteer programs benefit them, and their involvement in the Park is beneficial to the Park.

Our Educational and Volunteer Programs address the needs of all ages and capabilities, and there is continuous interest in this facility by the community and special interest groups.

Palma Sola Botanical Park welcomes your involvement in the Park.

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